WordPress Events around Australia

Every month around Australia there’s almost a dozen local WordPress Meetup events running catering to local WordPress Communities, and multiple conference-style WordCamps around the country every year!

Meetups are small community-organised meetings that are anything from a small coffee shop with 5 people discussing their favourite plugins, through to an evening of presentations with food catered for 80. Meetups are informal gatherings welcoming of people of all ages and levels of WordPress skills, from those that are just beginning, to those who are seasoned developers or end-users.

There’s meetup groups running in most capital cities, and a few regional locations as well, to get started check out our list of meetups, or perhaps start your own!

WordCamps? What are they? WordCamps are a conference-style event, usually running over two days on a weekend they’re larger events catering for 100-500 people, with a low ticket price of usually around A$50 (each event is different).
While every WordCamp is different, they’re generally two days of two tracks of presentations catering to different audiences (for example: A beginner track and an advanced track) with catered food and coffee for all.
For more information about WordCamps, check out the upcoming WordCamps around Australia below or check out one of the previous events – Most make their presentation recordings available afterwards too!

Upcoming Australian WordCamps

List of Previous Australian WordCamps